Bobby Ryan Let Go From Podcast After Controversial Social Media Posts

River Hawk
April 5, 2024  (9:25 PM)

Former Ottawa Senator Bobby Ryan and Women Basketball Superstar Caitlin Clark
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Bobby Ryan was recently let go from a popular Ottawa Senators podcast after he made some controversial posts on social media regarding women's sports.

Bobby Ryan is a former forward for the Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, and Detroit Red Wings. However, this retired NHLer was just removed from his position at the Ottawa Senators podcast Coming In Hot. This comes after a series of inappropriate comments on X regarding women's sports.
The first was a response to co-founder of Stathletes Meghan Chayka, who was discussing the current rise of NCAA Women's basketball. Ryan was unfortunately quick to discredit the popularity of the league.
"Name 7 players. Not 1. Not 25-7.
First and last names... go for it"

After rightfully facing backlash for his remarks, he doubled down, in a now-deleted post.
"Guys...holy hell. Relax!!!!
It's 843 and I want to go home and pretend like women's sports are a thing."

As a result of these comments, Bobby Ryan was let go from the Coming In Hot Podcast, whose members stated that this is not the behavior or ideology they want to be associated with.
"Earlier this week, Bobby Ryan made comments on social media that do not align with our show or that of our sponsors and partner, The Nation Network. As a result, we have mutually decided to part ways."

While some fans side with Ryan, most agree that making these comments about women's sports is inappropriate and does nothing but hurt the public opinion of male athletes.
"Doubling, if not tripling down, was such a bizarre and disappointing decision on Ryan's part.

Freedom of speech, not freedom of consequence. And trying to clown on women's sports for no reason what so ever was a clown move to begin with."

While it is too late for Bobby Ryan to take back what he said, hopefully other sports podcasters learn to be a little more careful about treating women's sports with respect.
Source - Blade of Steel
Podcast parts ways with Bobby Ryan following social media comments
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Bobby Ryan Let Go From Podcast After Controversial Social Media Posts

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