Zach Hyman criticizes protesters at the trucker convoy in Ottawa

Published February 1, 2022 at 12:04

Zach Hyman of the Edmonton Oilers is against "Freedom Convoy" in Ottawa, Ontario.

Some protesters have been observed wearing Nazi emblems and Hyman wasn't happy about that.

«It's disturbing and disheartening to see that antisemitism is on the rise, unfortunately, which is crazy nowadays,» Hyman said in an interview with The Athletic. «Seeing that and being Jewish and being proud of my heritage — and it was just Holocaust Memorial Day a couple days ago — and it was right around the time the swastikas were up."

«Hopefully, I can bring awareness that things like that aren't OK. It was just disturbing to see that.»

«The Jewish community, the Black community, the Muslim community, all different minorities — it's easy to target people who are different in some way," Hyman said. "Whether it's the colour of your skin or your religion or your gender or your sexual orientation we should be at a point in life and society where you can be whatever you want to be, and feel free to do that."

«When you see flags that symbolize the opposite — of hatred — it's disturbing. We need more awareness and more education.»

«It's important to be proud of your heritage and where you're from and your religion,» Hyman said. «Being in a new city and being able to show a new group of people that I'm proud to be here and proud of where I come from and get to meet a bunch of the Edmonton Jewish community was cool. Lighting the menorah was really special and a huge honour.»

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