What's in Store for Jonathan Drouin Next Season?

Published August 12, 2021 at 9:25

Last week, left winger Jonathan Drouin of the Montreal Canadiens was seen leaving a training session in Brossard. He's back on the ice and getting ready to play in September.

While GM Marc Bergevin stated that Drouin should return to the team in September, his future is uncertain.

Drouin could return to the team and play for the remainder of his contract. His $5.5 million AAV expires in two years, making him a UFA. Drouin also submitted a list of three teams he did not want traded to in the last two years.

Drouin could also return to the Canadiens in September, play a little, and show what he can do to maximise his market value before being traded. I'd assume only if he wants to be traded and Bergevin can get him a good price.

We don't know what Drouin was or is going through, but if it's related to the pressure and all that comes with a big hockey market, he might ask to be traded.

A huge season for him if he wants to come back and compete to finish his contract in Montreal, just to prove everyone wrong and play some of his best hockey in his career.

Drouin could also return for a trial run to see if he is truly ready to return to hockey and if he wants to stay in Montreal or move.

Credit: aWinningHabit
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