Toffoli's contract in Montreal cost him millions of dollars

Published May 14, 2021 at 9:35

The last opening of the free agent market in the NHL will not have been glorious for players having to renew their contracts. There is a good chance that this will be an identical scenario for the next offseason. One thing is certain, the interesting names available, such as Mike Hoffman or Anthony Duclair, certainly did not get the amounts they would have liked, given the circumstances surrounding the salary cap.

In Montreal, a signing that turned out to be a stroke of genius is talking a lot right now. Tyler Toffoli is seen as a bargain, with an annual amount of 4.250 million. For information, Karl Alzner had managed to agree for the sum of 4.650 million dollars. Let's say that Montreal had a return on the investment, under this circumstance.

Anyway, Toffoli experienced the same issue as his colleagues on the Bettman circuit looking for a contract last fall. For those who ask, number 73 was supposed to get a much better salary, if it wasn't for the pandemic we are currently experiencing.

According to his agent Pat Brisson, the amount targeted by the Toffoli clan was around five to six million annually, again over a period of four years. The maverick could have decided to find himself a contract in these sums for a single year, as Taylor Hall did, but the long-term basis was more important, especially since Marc Bergevin could not offer more to the attacker.

Indeed, the GM had made a first offer of less than four million per campaign to the former Kings and Canucks, an offer which was obviously refused. Nevertheless, we will have noticed the incredible opening of the club's top scorer in 2021, he who cited that he was destined to be a member of the Habs.

From this interest, Toffoli accepted the second offer of the organization, the one we know, while he greatly appreciated the entourage of the team. Even if it means losing money elsewhere, you might as well choose where to do it. Nevertheless, it is to be wondered at what amount could have signed the small player if he became a free agent after his terrific season, removing any context of health crisis.
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Toffoli's contract in Montreal cost him millions of dollars

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