Three Candidates to Play on the Left Wing With Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield

Published August 11, 2021 at 7:33

Tyler Toffoli was their left winger for most of the playoffs, but Josh Anderson filled in for him.

They were both fantastic and I would love to see them play with Suzuki and Caufield again.

Toffoli has shown he can be the goal scorer the Canadiens need, despite his inconsistency at times. But Caufield is a natural goal scorer who can get the puck, shoot it, and score. We've seen him deceive defensemen before, faking one way to create space and then going the other.

For a team lacking offence (as we saw last season), I think it would be better to have Toffoli and Caufield on two different lines. It would help spread the team's offence across lines and create depth with the new additions, especially Mike Hoffman.

While Toffoli and Suzuki can both deliver big hits for their size, Anderson brought the real physicality to that line. With his speed, these are two of the team's fastest players. An aggressive, physical player who thrives on off-speed plays and big hits, and a natural goal scorer who always finds open-ice. Suzuki is a great playmaker and two-way centre, so this could be a risky line.

If Anderson can improve his consistency, it will be an even more lethal line, as we saw with Caufield. Setting up Anderson and Suzuki would be another (easy) way to create offence, especially if the opposing team expects Caufield to shoot the puck.

I've been excited about the Canadiens' playmaker and left-winger Jonathan Drouin since the team announced it. His hockey IQ would be enhanced if he played with a goal scorer like Caufield. I'm excited to see Drouin set up plays for Suzuki and Caufield next season, because his hockey IQ more than makes up for his lack of size. 

No one knows who the dynamic duo will play with in the long run, but Toffoli, Anderson, and Drouin should all be candidates to show what they can do with that line.

Credit: AWinningHabit
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