The reason why the Canadiens aren't playing Romanov might of got revealed

Published June 7, 2021 at 9:20

As of this writing, Alexander Romanov has not played a single game during this playoff. This fact shocks many people who would love to see him develop during the current spring tournament rather than seeing him «analyze» the catwalk matches.

According to what Jeff Drouin reports from the site Fanadiens , who received information on this subject, The Canadiens' coaching staff would work with the young defender on off-ice aspects.

It seems, according to the information gathered, that Romanov would have had an attitude problem during preparations for the series. Everything would be recent and would have as a result his withdrawal in the first game against the Leafs.

"I am told that the problem in question would not drag on for a long time. He would most likely not have digested his withdrawal from the formation at the start, which would have pushed the team to educate him (with a positive connotation, here). We want him to progress, learn and become a proud Canadian. You know, the famous off-ice that Dominique Ducharme was talking about ... well, it suddenly makes more sense. "- Jeff Drouin

We can only hope that the latter has learned his lesson and that he will return to the good graces of the coaches in the near future. Let's face it, he couldn't do worse than Erik Gustafsson who only had 13 minutes 18 seconds of playing time in the last match!

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The reason why the Canadiens aren't playing Romanov might of got revealed

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