The friction between Darryl Sutter and Matthew Tkachuk is irreparable

Published June 22, 2021 at 8:25

After struggling with head coach Darryl Sutter at the end of the campaign, Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk is said to have demanded a transaction from the general management of the Alberta team for the next campaign, he who does not has no intention of staying with the club.

Several media outlets covering the Calgary Flames have reported that the team's first pick in 2016, Matthew Tkachuk, would no longer want to play there.

Since Darryl Sutter took the helm, there seems to be a tumultuous relationship between one of the team's best forwards and the new driver for the Alberta roster. Unfriendly and tough on his players, Darryl Sutter doesn't have many friends in the team's locker room. The latter had attacked the performance of Johnny Gaudreau just before his 500th game rather than congratulating him in front of the cameras.

He even wished his protégé had a better game than his 499th. It was a point thrown at its offensive leader quite free under the circumstances. Darryl Sutter is part of the old school that you have to hit the nail even if it is at an angle. Basically, player confidence was eroded by the end of the campaign.

Rumors of transactions swirl in all directions and involve several key players in the organization. At this rate, it's not a reset , but a complete reconstruction that the general manager of the team is about to do. It might be easier to find a new head coach who brings the locker room together rather than dividing it up.

After Auston Matthews, Matthew Tkachuk is the second best scorer of his vintage drafted in 2016. In 349 games in the Bettman circuit, the eldest of the Tkachuk brothers has collected 110 goals and 278 career points so far. He's also the # 1 most-punished player and it would hardly be surprising if he has ranked among the top NHL hitters since joining the NHL.

With a style similar to that of Brady Tkachuk, the two brothers would represent a real headache for the other teams if they came to play together on the side of the federal capital. Pierre Dorion has the elements to interest his Calgary counterpart. The bank of choices, prospects and established young players is vast on the Ottawa Senators side.

The Flames defense suffered a few hiccups in 2021. Could a young defenseman like Jacob Bernard-Docker and the 10th overall pick be enough? There are so many possibilities surrounding this draft for the Calgary Flames.
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The friction between Darryl Sutter and Matthew Tkachuk is irreparable

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