The Fight is on between the Canes and the Preds

Published August 15, 2021 at 6:47 PM

While NHL players are enjoying the few weeks left in their summer before the start of next season, the social media teams of the Carolina Hurricanes and Nashville Predators are not on vacation and the bickering is on!

It all started with a photo montage made by the Hurricanes where they changed an image of the Predators' 2018-2019 celebration in order to modernize it banners for 2020-2021 and let's just say that the Nashville team didn't like it at all.

After seeing the Canes change the titles of Central Division champion, Presidents' Trophy champion as well as Western Conference champion to "Taylor Leman called a beer," "Plays Creed between periods" and "Second loudest place in the league," the Preds retaliated with a photo of the Hurricanes' Central Division championship banner hanging near their garage-sale held yesterday, before adding "Is that you?".

And it didn't stop there...

The Hurricanes went back to the drawing board twice instead of once. They changed the banners again to denounce the Predators' milk-soup nature. This time it read "blocked the Canes on twitter", "still don't understand how banners work" and "still shocked at banner tweets"!

If the Preds didn't respond to this reminder, the Canes will have made it clear that the Nashville team had at least unblocked them from Twitter by sharing the original photo of the banners while mentioning "before getting blocked again"!

The two teams will meet in their second game on October 16th, let's hope the social media animosity continues on the ice.
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