Tatar talks about being scratched with the Habs and decision to leave

Published August 7, 2021 at 8:03 PM

Despite being the Canadiens' leading scorer in the regular season for the last three years, Tomas Tatar was often on the bench during their Stanley Cup run. Tatar felt the Canadiens coaching staff made a mistake by signing him to the New Jersey Devils.

"I really thought I could have helped in the final. But the coaches make mistakes and so do the players," said Tatar. "I just wanted to prove how big a mistake this was. But I loved my time in Montreal, these three years have been special for me!"

"We eliminated Winnipeg without too many pitfalls and it was more divided against Vegas. I did not find it necessary to make changes. Against Tampa, I really thought I could have helped when the series was not going in our favor. I hope I will play when the next opportunity presents itself."

Asked about signing a two year deal with the Devils, Tatar said there were several teams interested, but he chose New Jersey because he likes the direction the team is headed in.

"I spoke to different teams. I wanted to find myself in a place where we are going to win. I wanted to find myself in a competitive team," said Tatar. "I hope to contribute to the success of the team. I am very excited to be with the Devils and meet my new teammates. It's a good opportunity for me."

"I played more against Nico [Hischier] than against Jack [Hughes]. Both players are extremely talented and intelligent. Having a duo like this in an organization shows you that the future is very bright. This is one of the reasons that convinced me. Other recent Devils signings have also helped."

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