Sean Avery reveals why he quit on the Orlando Solar Bears

Published February 26, 2022 at 7:53 PM

Even more remarkable was Avery's signing by the ECHL's Orlando Solar Bears, ten years after his last NHL appearance, giving credence to his return claims. It was announced on Friday that the Solar Bears had released Avery from their roster before he could even play for them, essentially ending any hopes of Avery returning to the NHL.

If you believe Avery's account of events, he was unable to play away from his small son for long periods of time.

"I miss my little buddy Nash too much," Avery wrote on Instagram. "I have to see him in California."

Avery appears to be quite close to his son, often posting images of them together and even include him in his Instagram videos. Just two hours ago, he shared another Instagram story in which he was back at home with Nash, and he sounded ecstatic to be there.

Credit: HF
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