Rumour: Travis Green is done with the Canucks

T. Tadi
November 26, 2021  (7:21 PM)

On Friday, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the ongoing crisis in Vancouver, where the Canucks have won just six of their first 20 games, and specifically on Travis Green's future. The Canucks almost listened to their fans on Thursday, according to Friedman.

"I do think the Canucks were thinking about it on Thursday, but again, at the end, they sat back and they said 'Hold on, I know our fans are screaming for blood but we still have to do this properly,'" said Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast.
Only Friedman and the Canucks know what it takes to do it properly, but it doesn't sound like it includes giving Green much more time. Friedman believes it is only a matter of time before Green leaves the Canucks bench.
"Maybe it's as simple as an extra 24 hours, I don't know. Maybe they're deciding all the changes they are gonna make, but the bottom line to me is they are in the process and it's just a matter of when," said Friedman.
That would mean hiring a new coach in the middle of a bad season. And he even named a coach who he believes is legitimately on Vancouver's radar.
"One of the reasons I think some names are starting to get out there, some rumors are starting to get out there, is because they are asking about people," said Friedman. "Honestly the most difficult thing on Thursday was trying to separate fact from fiction, what's real and what isn't? And I think the one that is potentially real is Claude Julien."
"I do think he is one of the people that they have at least thought about.... and they would get permission from Montreal if they haven't already."
Credit: HockeyFeed
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