Reason Why Tarasenko Hasn't Been Traded Yet

Published July 29, 2021 at 11:13

Many expected the situation to be resolved by now, with Vladimir Tarasenko clearly expressing his desire to be traded from the St. Louis Blues. But a source tells Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic that Blues GM Doug Armstrong underestimated Tarasenko's market value.

According to that source, Tarasenko was once pursued by four teams. The options are dwindling with each new free agent signing.

"'The trajectory doesn't improve. To their detriment, they shit on this guy. Move him. The train has left."

Armstrong is also asking "too much" for Tarasenko, the source says.

Tarasenko reportedly dislikes how his multiple shoulder surgeries were handled. His current contract has two years left and a cap hit of $7.5 million. Owing to injuries, he hasn't played much the last two seasons, but he's had three seasons of 70+ points and two of 60

For Tarasenko, training camp is in St. Louis.

"He must prepare to play. His age is 30. I'm sure he wants to stay in the NHL for a while, and he must return with a bang "Armstrong.

A source says the Blues' trade value is dwindling and it's time to move Vladimir Tarasenko.

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