P.K. Subban can't seem to pronounce the name "Caufield." On TV

Published June 26, 2021 at 10:27

The news broke a few weeks ago, P.K. Subban has made the jump to television, he is now an analyst for the ESPN network. The former CH has the style, ease and extravagance for this kind of job and he fulfills his task very well.

If Subban is comfortable in front of the camera, he seems to have problems with some player names, including that of young Cole Caufield ... We had some the proof recently during his segment on the Stephen A. Smith show. Subban pronounces "Caulifield" instead of Caufield.

This in no way detracts from the solidity of Subban's performance in front of the cameras. He is not shaken by the even more exuberant Smith who does not seem to have hockey as his favorite sport. Subban even had a self-deprecating moment following the event, posting a great comment via his Twitter account.

While there are still a few good years of good hockey left in Subban, it looks like his future in the media is settled. With ESPN's new deal with the National League, there is no doubt that ESPN will be called back by the network in the coming seasons if his team, the New Jersey Devils, are no longer in the playoff portrait.
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