NHL head coaches call out Refs for poor officiating in the Playoffs

Published May 22, 2021 at 6:37 PM

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When asked about those comments on Saturday Brind'Amour did not back down. What he did do however was give some credit to the officials, seemingly implying that they should get assistance in the form of video review from the eye in the sky.

«It's an impossible job that they have to do," admitted the Hurricanes head coach. "An absolutely impossible job. You cannot ref this game live. It's impossible. Everything looks like a penalty, everything looks like not a penalty. It's nothing against the referees. These guys are awesome. I know these guys.

«I talk to them after the game, run into them. They're the greatest officials around. They have an impossible job."

Following Game 4 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers on Saturday, Lightning head coach Jon Cooper also slammed the officiating on the ice in spite of the fact that his team thoroughly dominated that contest.

"When your players are being told, 'Don't do anything stupid. We'll get you.' And the other team gets rewarded for it," said a frustrated Cooper. "I just don't get it. It's really frustrating. Don't get me wrong. We're not angels out there. Not sitting here saying that. Far from it. But when there's a standard set and nothing gets done"

"I give our guys a ton of credit for sticking with it and battling through embellishment and no calls after no calls after no calls.. Did we earn some of our penalties? There's no question. But kudos to our guys for sticking with it. I'm fairly certain everyone else on this particular board (Zoom call), there's 34, if they watched the game, they'll know where I'm coming from."
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NHL head coaches call out Refs for poor officiating in the Playoffs

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