NHL Insider Hints at the Next Two NHL Expansion Franchises

Published March 5, 2023 at 6:23 PM

The NHL has seen a lot of success with its most recent expansion franchises. This has given the sentiment that they'll expand again. An insider has now hinted at where.

Weekes Hints at Two New Franchises

Kevin Weekes is one of the most well-respected insiders in the sport. He likes to tease fans with little hints at upcoming events. Today, he hinted at something massive.

The NHL's two most recent expansion projects in the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken have been incredibly successful, and this has made expansion a more likely option than ever thought before.

After a small twitter account released that they believed the next two franchises would be a return of the Atlanta Thrashers, and a new team to Houston, being a revival of the early 2000s AHL team, the Aeros, Weekes hinted with a very telling set of emojis:

This will be very exciting if true, as new teams are always fun!
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NHL Insider Hints at the Next Two NHL Expansion Franchises

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