Marchand appealing suspension, criticizes the league for the lengthy ban

Published February 11, 2022 at 4:22 PM

Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand is reportedly planning to appeal his 6-game suspension, acknowledging on Friday that his behaviour was unprofessional. Even in saying that though, Marchand wanted to drive home the point that Jarry was never in any real danger.

"Was it stupid? Of course it was stupid," Marchand said of his actions. "I'm not denying that. I absolutely should not have done it. But suspension worthy? I don't think so."

Marchand has made a career out of playing the pest role and playing it well. He lives to get under the skin of the opposition and doing things like giving a goalie a shot to the mask and then poking him on the way by with his stick are just a part of doing what he does, playing on the edge.

"These plays were not going injure Jarry. No potential injury on that play. He was very well protected. The fact that it's six games is based on history, not on the play," Marchand said.

No word yet on when the appeal hearing will occur.

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