Major Turnaround Concerning The Five Suspended Players On Team Canada's 2018 Roster

Tyler Ball
August 10, 2023  (2:47 PM)

The 2018 Team Canada World Junior scandal is one that has been going on for what seems like forever now. The investigations are all now essentially complete and fans are just waiting to see which players were involved and potentially suspended.

What We Know So Far

Here is a look at the timeline of things we are already aware of:
- After months of investigations, the NHL would be on the verge of suspending 5 players in connection with this scandal, and some journalists already know the identity of these five players.
- On July 10, Frank Seravalli stated that he believes a major announcement is imminent in this case, and that some NHL teams are already preparing for the consequences of the suspensions of some of their players.
- Andy Strickland has advanced that five NHL players, including some very well-known names, will be suspended shortly by the NHL. We are talking here about heavy suspensions.
These things have all been confirmed by several sources. The next step in the process is to find out who the players that are being suspended are.

Several Players Statements

In the wake of the investigations going public several players came forward to clear themselves from any wrongdoing. This had ruled them out as players potentially involved by the public and the media.
This left only 8 potential players to select from as far as who was involved. Many believed that these 8 players were more likely to be guilty than the ones who put out statements. According to new information this may not be correct.

New Information

NHL insider Frank Seravalli recently dropped some new information calling into question the innocence of some players. He goes on to talk about players who made statements of innocence and their potential lies.
According to what Seravalli reports on a recent podcast, don't believe that all the players who released a statement to disassociate themselves from this crime are innocent. Some of the players involved would be among those who publicly announced that they had nothing to do with this story.

- Via Marco Normandin

The following is also a direct quote from Seravalli on the situation:
here are some players who said they had nothing to do with this story and made an official statement or asked their agent to make one who are involved.

- Via Frank Seravalli

This is surprising as many had believed the list of potential players was down to the 8 who hadn't made a statement. Now we all must wait for the NHL to hand down suspensions and for everything to be revealed.
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Major Turnaround Concerning The Five Suspended Players On Team Canada's 2018 Roster

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