MAJOR NEWS surfaces on Ducharme's replacement

Published February 9, 2022 at 4:06 PM

It's official Ducharme is fired and we got a major news from the Canadiens. Check it out:

- The status of assistant coaches Alex Burrows, Eric Gravel, Mario Leblanc, Trevor Letowski, Eric Raymond and Luke Richardson remains unchanged. Ducharme's replacement will be announced in the next few hours." - Montreal Canadiens

- "The Canadiens confirm the firing of Ducharme and indicate that his replacement is not in-house. He will be announced shortly." - TVA Sports

So it would be an outside name! Jim Montgomery? Benoît Groulx? Michel Therrien? Alain Vignault? Patrick Roy? Joël Bouchard? Pascal Vincent?

What would be your choice and/or your prediction?

Other very important information :

"The fact that the Habs are not immediately announcing Dominique Ducharme's successor leads me to believe that the coach is under contract with another organization that must be asked for permission to hire him." - Anthony Marcotte

Credit: HabsEtLNH
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