"I don't believe Logan understands the gravity of his actions"

Published July 24, 2021 at 10:43

As the hockey world digests the surprising events of last night's draft, which saw the Montreal Canadiens select Logan Mailloux 31st overall despite his request not to be chosen, the woman at the centre of the criminal accusations says all she wanted was for Mailloux to apologise and mean it. The victim stated she doesn't believe Mailloux has showed remorse for what he did in an interview with The Athletic, which was published before Mailloux was drafted Friday night.

"I don't believe Logan understands the gravity of his actions," the woman wrote in an email.

The woman also told The Athletic that because she didn't want to meet with Mailloux in person, she asked him to write her a sincere written apology. "I received a text that was no longer than three sentences," she added.

Mailloux faced criminal accusations after an incident in Sweden last November while on loan from the London Knights of the OHL, as has been reported multiple times. "In December, he was awarded a summary fine, comparable to a conviction in Swedish court, for «Kränkande fotografering» (offensive photography causing breach of privacy) and «Förtal», according to The Athletic (defamation). Mailloux showed a photo of him and the then-18-year-old woman having a consenting sexual experience to his teammates. While he claims she could not be identified in the photo, he also emailed the group a screenshot of her Snapchat profile, which included her name and other personal information. Mailloux was described as telling Swedish police that the woman sought to harm his career in an interview with Daily Faceoff. According to The Athletic, "Mailloux has depicted the woman as vengeful" in "interviews with various NHL teams ahead to the draught."

"Logan claims I'm out to ruin his career. That is something I have never said. "All I've wanted is for justice to be served for what he's done to me," the woman told The Athletic. "It's up to him if his actions jeopardise his job. "I'm not to blame."
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"I don't believe Logan understands the gravity of his actions"

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