Hurricanes shoot some arrows at Toronto Maple Leafs fans

Published May 14, 2021 at 12:48

The community manager of the Carolina Hurricanes Twitter account is known for his often controversial animation. The latter had another bang on Friday morning at the dawn of the Toronto Maple Leafs' last game of the season.

After having encouraged the other formations of the Bettman circuit in view of the playoffs, the encouragement took an ironic turn which risks igniting the Twittosphere for a few more hours. The account manager took the time to highlight the passion that drives Leafs fans by mentioning that they support the team that lost to David Ayres 15 months ago.

In the regular season, David Ayres, who serves as director of operations at the Mattamy Athletic Center in Toronto, was called in by the Carolina Hurricanes after the two available goaltenders injured each other. In each amphitheater, a person authorized to guard the net is available. For the Maple Leafs, it's David Ayres.

If the latter never expected to keep the net for the Maple Leafs, he was called up for the Carolina Hurricanes in a duel against the Leafs. Despite the fact that he is not a professional goaltender, he allowed his team to win against the Toronto team on February 22, 2020. Let's say that the wound is still quite open among some Leafs fans. Several memetics were made to mock the Leafs after this tweet that can be described as such violence.

However, he allowed himself to praise the Habs by saying that the playoffs are always better when the Canadians are there. It's a flattering comment. We are a long way from harsh words against the Leafs.
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Hurricanes shoot some arrows at Toronto Maple Leafs fans

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