Hockey Canada releases a MAJOR disturbing statement

July 22, 2022  (12:41)

Hockey Canada has just issued a new and rather disturbing statement.

Here it is:
"Last night, Hockey Canada was informed of allegations of a group sexual assault that occurred in 2003 involving members of the 2002-03 National Junior Team. The organization was contacted by Rick Westhead of TSN/CTV National News, who reported troubling revelations about the alleged affair. Westhead told Hockey Canada that he has spoken to multiple witnesses who have provided him with graphic descriptions of the assault following an interview with Conservative MP John Nater, who has the same or similar information.

The information in Mr. Westhead's email is deeply disturbing and Hockey Canada immediately called the Halifax Regional Police, as Halifax was hosting the 2003 IIHF World Junior Championship, and also notified Sport Canada of the information that was provided. We asked Mr. Westhead to contact the police immediately and to ask his sources to do the same. We also implore Mr. Nater to contact the authorities with the information he or his office has received regarding these allegations of group sexual assault.

Hockey Canada is committed to ending the culture of silence in hockey. That is why we are publicly imploring anyone with information about this case to contact law enforcement. We want to be transparent about how we learned of these allegations of assault and what steps we are taking to respond.

Two weeks prior to receiving Mr. Westhead's email, Hockey Canada staff members heard a rumour about "something bad happening at the 2003 World Junior Championship", but without any further information. We immediately passed this information on to Sport Canada. To try to find out more, Hockey Canada hired an independent investigator. The investigator was unable to find out more at the time we received the email from Mr. Westhead.

We believe that law enforcement authorities need to investigate what happened in 2003 and urge them to launch an investigation into this troubling situation. Hockey Canada will cooperate with the authorities in any way possible. Again, we ask that anyone with credible information about these allegations contact the Halifax Police immediately.

Hockey Canada wants to hear from anyone who feels or has felt abused, sexually abused, harassed or mistreated by someone affiliated with the organization. You can contact the Canadian Sport Hotline, a free, anonymous, confidential and independent service available in both official languages, at 1-888-837-7678 or [email protected]. We also encourage anyone who may need help to contact one of the many victim resources available in Canada. A list of these resources is available on the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime website at crcvc.ca."

The 2003 Canada Junior team.
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