Habs owner reaches out to Jets fan who was attacked and robbed of his jersey

Published June 11, 2021 at 9:49

You've probably heard the story: Alex Wojakowski, a Winnipeg Jets fan who moved to Montreal in the summer of 2019, is used to some lighthearted ribbing when rooting for his local team. Even though he'd endured taunts and snide remarks from Montreal Canadiens supporters, the situation had never escalated into violence until Monday evening.

Alex was in attendance with his cherished Jets insignia on his chest as the Habs swept the Jets in their second round playoff series that night. When the game was done and Habs supporters poured out into the streets of Montreal to celebrate, things got ugly for Wojakowski. A crowd of enraged Habs supporters allegedly beat the 23-year-old and robbed him of his jersey. He quickly dialed 911 to report the assault, but officers were unable to apprehend the offenders.

«Then they rushed me and three of them punched me on the side of the head. One of them pushed me and he scratched me across the face,» he said in an interview with CTV on Wednesday.''

«And then I tried to run to get away, and then one of them grabbed my jersey from the back, and he was trying to rip it off me and they were just really adamant on getting my jersey. So I just said okay, here, take my jersey.»

The story caught the attention of Canadiens owner Geoff Molson, who couldn't believe what the young had experienced. Joe Lofaro of CTV News has reported that Molson reached out to Wojakowski to offer him a new Jets jersey to replace to one stollen and mangled by fans, allowed with the Habs' cap.

While we have to admit this is a class act from Molson and the Habs, it remains disturbing to hear about this incident. The police is still investigating.

Credit: HockeyFeed
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