Golden knights Head Coach Peter DeBoer was a little tipsy this Weekend

Published February 6, 2022 at 6:19 PM

The Pacific Division's All-Stars came up short Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas as they lost to the Metropolitan Division team 6-4. Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, Johnathan Marchessault and head coach represented the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Mark Stone and Johnathan Marchessault each scored their first all-star game goals infront of their home crowd in T Mobile Arena, Jonathan Marchessault dropped a few f-bomb's during the Pacific Division's loss to the Metropolitan Division that got a huge laugh by the broadcast team.

The highlight of the day was Pacific Division's coach Pete DeBoer comments after the Pacific Division was eliminated in the first game, DeBoer excuse was classic, the Golden Knights coach apparently had quite a night on Friday as he confirmed that he was nursing a hangover at the All-Star Game.

«You know what to be honest with you I am a little hungover today, so I'm not going to lie to ya. Yesterday I was fully focused on the skills and there were some excellent stuff but today is a little foggy for me" said DeBoer.

The Pacific Division didn't win but it sounds like they had quite the party and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Credit: Vegas Hockey Now
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