Gary Bettman makes controversial statement regarding NHL referees

Published June 29, 2021 at 6:24

One of the main storylines of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs has, no doubt, been the officiating. Fans have debated calls, missed calls and what warrants a penalty in today's NHL since the postseason began three rounds ago. During a news conference heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs Monday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was asked about the officiating so far. His answer will likely not sit well with many.

"Our officials are not only the best hockey officials, but the best officials in the world," said Bettman when asked about the constant complaints from fans about officiating.

Listening to many fans that are as dedicated to other sports as they are hockey, officiating is nowhere near the storyline in those leagues that it is in the NHL. There are always complaints, but nothing like we've seen in the National Hockey League this post season. I can certainly understand the commissioner of the NHL wanting to defend his officials, but this kind of statement just seems like you're trying to sweep everything under the rug and hoping people will forget about it. If you want to grow the game, maybe acknowledge that the complaints have been heard and the league is taking steps towards fixing the issue. Just a thought.

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