Gary Bettman didn't even acknowledge the Montreal Canadiens Wednesday Night

Published July 8, 2021 at 4:15 PM

Wednesday night, the Tampa Bay Lightning won their second Stanley Cup in a row. The tradition is that the Commissioner, Gary Bettman, presents the trophy to the captain of the winners, not without saluting the good effort of the finalists. This was not the case yesterday as Bettman did not say a word to the CH...

Some people are suggesting that this would be the first time since he has been commissioner that Gary Bettman has not named the losing team in any way once he is on the ice with the Cup.

Have you noticed?

Oh, and a word about NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. No word on the Stanley Cup finalists, the most prestigious and winning club in field hockey history. A slap in the face of the Canadiens and their fans. Embarrassing is the weakest word.

This blatant lack of respect towards one of the original clubs in the league shows very well that he doesn't care about Canadian teams, especially the Habs. Jean-Charles Lajoie mentions this very well in a wonderfully written tweet.

Gary Bettman's delirious enthusiasm during his presentation of HIS cup to HIS club. Without any mention to the superb course of the finalists despising until the end. Bravo nevertheless to the Lightning, a very great team.

After this speech, we don't even dare to imagine what he would have done if the Canadiens had won the cup. At least, this time, he would not have had the choice to congratulate the club and its players...
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