Garnet Hathaway Runs Away From Fight With Ryan Reaves

Published March 18, 2023 at 7:29 PM

A brief yet fiery altercation between NHL goon Ryan Reaves and newly acquired Boston Bruin Garnet Hathaway has caught the attention of many fans this afternoon. The incident occurred late in the 1st period, and had to be defused by the referees before it got out of hand.

Hathaway Hides on Bruins Bench as Reaves is Held Back


Hathaway took exception to a hard hit laid by Reaves by the Bruins bench, which prompted the two to engage in a shoving match. Reaves is known for his punishing fists, and is one of the most feared fighters in the league. As the referees began to try and separate the two, Hathaway took the first opportunity to jump onto the Bruins bench, all while Reaves was being held back bu the officials.

The two exchanged words for quite awhile as the referees attempted to defuse the situation and direct Reaves back to the Wild bench. Unfortunately for Reaves, Hathaway would get the last laugh, as the Bruins defeated the Wild 5-2.

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Garnet Hathaway Runs Away From Fight With Ryan Reaves

Who Would Win in a Fight Between Ryan Reaves and Garnet Hathaway?

Reaves15580.3 %
Hathaway3819.7 %
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