Gallagher and Price among the most hated players in the League

Published August 26, 2021 at 8:07

The NHL is known for having its plagues. Whether it's Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson or Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand, they're recognized quite easily by fans of opposing teams.

After researching the percentage of negative mentions on social media, OnlineCasino revealed the list of the 20 most hated players in the NHL. In this list, two Montreal Canadiens players make the list.

In the front row is good old Tom Wilson, but he is closely followed by New York Rangers forward Artemi Panarin.

On the CH side, we find forward Brendan Gallagher at 15th and Carey Price at 18th.

Gallagher is known for having a disruptive style of play for opponents and clearly that seems to have an effect in the fan community as well.

As for Price, it was certainly his masterful performance in the playoffs that led to hateful comments from fans of opposing teams who were venting their frustration. At least, that's what we assume.

In short, this study is very interesting in order to know the impact of the style of play of certain players on the fans.

Credit: InTheCoulisses
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Gallagher and Price among the most hated players in the League

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