PRUST: «I hope they force you into the sex trade»

Published August 25, 2021 at 4:03 PM

Brandon Prust has been in the news a lot since his retirement, and not always for the right reasons.

Mr. Prust, a nine-year NHL veteran, has been a vocal critic of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and has expressed his views on COVID-19 via Twitter.

Yesterday though, in a rant about COVID-19 vaccine mandates, Prust told one woman whom he disagreed with that he hopes "they force you into the sex trade."

«I'm going to be on the road tomorrow driving. If I see anyone else on the road I will lose it,» wrote Prust on Twitter in a veiled post. «Also everyone take their vitamins tomorrow because mine won't work if you don't take urs (yours).»

A woman replied sarcastically – «Thanks in advance for driving safe» – that's when Prust went off the deep end, comparing vaccine mandates to forced prostitution in his reply.

«So that means they can force me to do anything they want? I hope they force you into the sex trade so you can finally get laid you sheep,» he wrote. «I paid more taxes for these roads than you could ever dream of money in your account.»

The remark prompted harsh condemnation. «Disgusting and totally disrespectful,» one man said, «a stupid, horrible response.»

After the woman removed her initial response, Prust posted on social media that his comment was «blown out of context.» Anyway, have a good day everyone.»

Prust returned to social media a few minutes later, over 12 hours after the initial sex-trade message, apologizing to the lady he had replied to.

«I apologize for my bad choice of words,» he wrote. «I don't hope the government forces anyone into the sex trade!»

Credit: HockeyFeed
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