Following the Game 1 dispute, Vegas head coach Peter DeBoer defends Ryan Reaves

Published May 31, 2021 at 12:56

After shoving defenseman Ryan Graves to the ice during the Colorado Avalanche's 7-1 win against the Vegas Golden Knights last night, forward Ryan Reave was given a match penalty for intent to hurt.

After the game, many players from the Avalanche spoke about the incident, most notably captain Gabriel Landeskog who said he believes Reaves' only intent in the third period was to hurt somebody. While many are in agreeance with that sentiment, Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer doesn't believe that's the case.

«For me, Ryan Reaves is one of the cleanest tough guys I've seen in the league in my 12, 13 years,» said DeBoer. «He's consistently a clean, physical player.»

DeBoer also went on to say that Reaves' gloves never came off during the incident in question last night, and nobody was hurt on the play. While he went on to say it is up to the Department of Player safety now, it is clear he does not believe a suspension is warranted.

Regardless of whether or not Reaves is suspended, the Golden Knights have their work cut of for them after last night's 7-1 beatdown. This Avalanche team is clearly the real deal and while this series is far from over, Vegas will have to be much better if they have any chance of coming out on top.

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