Brett Hull, born in Canada, reveals why he played with Team USA over Team Canada

Published July 5, 2021 at 7:06

The way you treat someone can have long-term consequences, far beyond what you can see at the time, and the storey of how National Hockey League superstar Brett Hull, a Canadian born in Belleville, Ontario, came to play for USA Hockey throughout his international hockey career perfectly encapsulates that little life lesson.

Hull was a guest on the Cam and Strick Podcast over the weekend, and he was questioned about the contentious decision he made in 1991 to represent the United States of America rather than the Canadians during a Canada Cup competition, a decision he would stick to throughout his career. Hull's response was straightforward, and it expressed a sense that I believe every human being can comprehend on some level. Hull said that Team Canada had not offered him a seat on their junior roster for a tournament in 1986 five years prior to the competition, whereas Team USA had believed in him and given him a chance to flourish.

"Well I did not make that choice, they made that choice for me," said Hull. "Both Team USA and Team Canada came to watch me play and Dave King was the coach of Team Canada and Dave Peterson was the coach of Team USA. Dave King basically said I was no good and he wanted nothing to do with me and that Team USA could have me if they wanted... they came down after the game and asked me if I would like to play for Team USA at the World Championships and I said 'Well yes I would thank you very much.'"

After that initial incident all the way back in 1986 it simply became a matter of principle for Hull to continue sticking with the team that brought him to the dance.

"If they saw that much in me and gave me the opportunity well what kind of dick would I be if I go 'screw you Team USA I'm gonna go play with Canada because they're better', I said no I'm gonna stay loyal to Team USA who took a chance on me."

Credit: HockeyFeed
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Brett Hull, born in Canada, reveals why he played with Team USA over Team Canada

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