Among the major sports leagues, the NHL is the most HATED

Published August 26, 2021 at 7:05 PM

The Action Network just found the most loathed teams in each of the five major sports leagues. The NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS were among the leagues studied. The study looked at negative sentiment across leagues to find the top 50 most hated teams online. Surprisingly, the NHL had the most.

Averaging over 6.4% negative sentiment, the top 10 NHL teams made the top 50 list. Dallas had the most negative internet sentiment (9.86%). The Arizona Coyotes (9.33%), Toronto Maple Leafs (8.85%), Vancouver Canucks (8.57%), Buffalo Sabres (8.29%), Edmonton Oilers (7.42%), Columbus Blue Jackets (7.28%), New York Islanders (7.22%), Calgary Flames (6.82%), and St. Louis Blues (6.82%) rounded out the top 10. (6.46 percent ).

The Stars were actually second overall in all leagues, with only the Las Vegas Raiders having a higher unfavourable opinion (14.2 percent). That score was twice that of the 50th-placed San Jose Sharks.

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