Allan Walsh could convince Fleury to sign in Pittsburgh and not play in Chicago

Published July 30, 2021 at 8:45 PM

If someone can pull this off its Allan Walsh.

Fleury would certainly have the support of his agent, Allan Walsh. Walsh is a carny blowhard like most agents, but that's useful in a situation like this.

‘'Fleury would have to withstand criticism, especially in Chicago. But if his intent is to never don a Blackhawks sweater, what's the difference?»

The way Fleury was treated by the Golden Knights would most likely forgive him for this tough move. I mean come on, he was the original Golden Knight, the face of the franchise, the beloved goalie. Everyone loves Fleury. While the Hawks could be upset, I bet it wouldn't last long.

«But after winning a Vezina at 36, then getting tossed aside like garbage for no return, it's time for Fleury to break character and do what makes him happy.»

Going to Chicago is not that. Fleury should refuse.

«The Blackhawks would be unwitting dupes, but that's not a franchise currently worth of any sympathy.»

Credit: HockeyFeed
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