5 Reasons why the HABS will beat the MAPLE LEAFS in a best of 7

Published May 20, 2021 at 11:58

In the neglected role, the Montreal Canadiens start their series against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. However, many fans believe that the Sainte-Flanelle will find a way to reach the next elimination round by winning four games against the formation of Sheldon Keefe.

There are five reasons why we believe that the Habs will have the upper hand over the Leafs in this 4 of 7 series. One thing is certain, hockey is played on the ice. There's no guarantee the Habs won't get knocked out in four games and there's no guarantee the Toronto Leafs will win the series. Therein lies the beauty of the Bettman Circuit playoffs every year.

Reason 1: Carey Price is the man for special occasions. After missing the home stretch of the regular season with a concussion, the cerberus had time to rest. Although the latter conceded two goals against the Marlies earlier this week, he will offer inspired play as was the case last year. During the 2020 summer ball, he maintained an efficiency rate of 0.936 and an average of 1.78 goals allowed per game in his 10 starts. He was phenomenal. Even though the latter appeared to lose his temper after allowing Paul Byron a goal in practice earlier in the week, it shows pride and a willingness to be at his best.

Reason 2: Arbitration is a significant factor. In the regular season, the Leafs had the upper hand over the Habs mainly on the power play. We know for a fact that refereeing is very different in the playoffs and the power-play opportunities melt like snow in the sun. Numerically tied, the Habs can compete without too much trouble with the Maple Leafs. However, indiscipline can be very costly when you face players like Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, William Nylander and John Tavares. This is a clear advantage for the CH.

Reason 3: A deserved rest for many soldiers is the key to success in the playoffs. The Habs infirmary was overflowing in April, but now all the players inconvenienced by injuries had the chance to take a few weeks off and recover from the sores. A condensed calendar of 56 parts in four months is taxing. It's about thinking of Phillip Danault, Brendan Gallagher, Shea Weber, Carey Price and even Josh Anderson. The last few days have allowed these players to refine their preparation in addition to recovering a sufficient level of energy to start the first round of the playoffs tonight. For the Leafs, only Mitch Marner missed the last game last Friday against the Winnipeg Jets.

Reason 4: The porous Toronto Maple Leafs defense could open the door for the Montreal Canadiens. The return of Frederik Andersen against the Ottawa Senators at the very end of the calendar did not convince anyone and Jack Campbell is no longer the wall of China that we were dangled in his debut on Toronto soil. In addition, the group of defensemen of the Maple Leafs showed significant deficiencies in the face of a sustained forward failure. With a fast and physical team, the Habs could exploit this gap tonight. The good old tactic of dumping could come to haunt Sheldon Keefe's troop. A player like Josh Anderson could create an impressive number of turnovers in this series. It is tailor-made for the spring ball.

Reason 5: The experience of winning is the Habs who have it. The additions made by Marc Bergevin could pay off in the playoffs. The additions of Joel Edmundson, Corey Perry, Eric Staal and Michael Frolik will make a huge contribution to the team's dressing room. These four players have all won the Stanley Cup during their careers. We could also add Jake Allen, he who was the auxiliary goaltender who supported Jordan Binnington during the conquest of the Blues in 2019. On the side of the Maple Leafs, only defenseman Jake Muzzin has already got his hands on the prestigious trophy. Zach Bogosian won the Stanley Cup last year with Tampa Bay. He missed the last few meetings with a shoulder injury, but he is expected to make a comeback. It remains to be seen now if his level of play will be at 100%.
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5 Reasons why the HABS will beat the MAPLE LEAFS in a best of 7

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