Matt Rempe and Paul Bissonnette
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Paul Bissonnette Drops Bombshell Opinion on Matt Rempe's Potential Suspension

Published March 3, 2024 at 12:24

Former NHL enforcer and media personality, Paul Bissnotte, just weighed in on the hit involving Ilya Lyubushkin, and he's got some interesting thoughts. According to Bissnotte, there's no need for a suspension here. He points out that Rempe was the closest forechecker to Lyubushkin and simply turned on the jets to deliver the hit.

Paul Bissnotte's Take on the Rempe Hit: No Suspension Needed

Bissnotte even goes as far as to suggest that Rempe's style of play could be a game-changer in a playoff series. He describes Rempe as a "mutant," highlighting his unique physical attributes and ability to make a big impact in games both literally and figuratively.

It's clear that Bissnotte sees value in Rempe's aggressive playing style, as long as he continues to toe the line between legal hits and dangerous plays.

However, not everyone is on the same side. Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe wasn't happy about it and said Rempe left his feet and intended to injure the newest Leaf.

As fans and analysts continue to debate the issue, Rempe's future performances will undoubtedly be closely watched to see if he can maintain his effectiveness while avoiding disciplinary action.

Bissonnette's insight offers valuable food for thought as the hockey world grapples with the complexities of player safety.
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Paul Bissonnette Drops Bombshell Opinion on Matt Rempe's Potential Suspension

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