Matt Martin Spares Noel Acciari in a Tough Fight

Published March 22, 2023 at 8:36

Last night, the Islanders destroyed the Leafs, beating them 7-2.

Leafs fans should be concerned about Toronto's mental fortitude going into the playoffs. If it weren't for Noel Acciari dropping the gloves against Matt Martin the Leafs would have produced 0 physicality in last night's game.

Acciari and Martin drop the gloves

However, Acciari chose the wrong opponent, he picked the Islanders enforcer Matt Martin, who managed to destroy Acciari in their short fight. Martin even showed mercy towards his opponent, and stopped when he realized how badly he was beating Acciari.

Martin showed a lot of respect in this play. You love to see it!

As seen on Hockeyfeed - Martin pummels Acciari, then pulls up and shows mercy
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Matt Martin Spares Noel Acciari in a Tough Fight

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