Niagara IceDogs forward Alex Assadourian playing in the OHL.
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Caught On Camera: Junior Hockey Player Receives Indefinite Suspension For Making Obscene Gesture

Published January 29, 2024 at 9:08 PM

A recent Major Junior hockey game turned dangerous quickly when one player made a threat and an obscene gesture toward an opponent. The gesture has landed the player with an indefinite suspension.

Junior Hockey Player Makes An Obscene Gesture Toward An Opponent

Earlier this week an OHL game went to a dark and intense place when Niagara IceDogs player Alex Assadourian was given a two-minute penalty for cross-checking.

Once Assadourian was put into the penalty box he was talking trash to an opponent. While talking trash Assadourian took things too far threatening an opponent and doing a throat slash motion.

The only penalty he got was a 2 minute minor for cross checking in the 3rd. But then in the box he says "you're f**king dead" with a throat slash to McNamara. So I guess that's what the indefinite suspension is for #OHL

As mentioned in the social media post Assadourian was suspended indefinitely for this action.

Junior Hockey Player Suspended Indefinitely

As of now, there has been no appeal for the indefinite suspension. There has also been no explanation by Assadourian or the IceDogs as to why he reacted to aggressively.

If Assadourian is suspended for a significant portion of the season he could potentially look to move to a different level of hockey. This is a solution that has been used in the past by other players but it is unclear how Assadourian will handle the situation.

This is a developing situation and as there are more updates about the length of the suspension or the decisions made by Alex Assadourian we will continue to update the story.

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Caught On Camera: Junior Hockey Player Receives Indefinite Suspension For Making Obscene Gesture

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