Vancouver Canucks' JT Miller may be to blame for Bruce Boudreau's firing

Aaron Itovitch
January 24, 2023  (4:11 PM)

It was no shock when Bruce Boudreau was fired by the Vancouver Canucks. The entire hockey world had known that Rick Tocchet would take over as early as October.

Now that the move is done, new information is being released. One piece of information in particular is very pertinent - a main reason for Boudreau's firing was in hopes of keeping of one particular player.
The Canucks surprised everybody when they signed JT Miller to a seven-year, $56-million extension.
This move strapped them in with Miller long-term, and essentially ruined the chances of them re-signing captain Bo Horvat.
We now know that Tocchet was brought in to get Horvat to stay.
It's a big week for Bo Horvat. I believe the Canucks are still looking for ways to keep Horvat, as tough as that may be. Maybe let him spend some time with Tocchet and see if that changes. They can't sign Horvat and Kuzmenko, only one of them. And right now no offer's been made to Kuzmenko. Can they send one final offer Horvat's way? The two sides did talk over the weekend. As of yesterday, not hearing a meeting is being set up. As of yesterday he (Horvat's agent) does not have permission to talk to teams (about a potential contract extension). I full believe the Canucks will NOT give them position."

"Boston, Detroit... keep an eye on Brandon Carlo. That's a guy I think if I were the Canucks and Boston were calling, that's a guy... that's who I would ask for, Brandon Carlo."

- Rick Dhaliwal

Tocchet was known as the Kessel Whisperer back in Pittsburgh, as he was known for his ability to calm tensions. Phil Kessel has a very strong personality, that some coaches couldn't manage. This type of drive would hopefully convince Horvat to stay.
Hopefully this works out, as the PR nightmare from the coaching change is going to be difficult to surmount.
Credit Hockey Feed: Rumour: JT Miller reportedly at the center of Bruce Boudreau firing and Rick Tocchet hiring
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Vancouver Canucks' JT Miller may be to blame for Bruce Boudreau's firing

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