The last UFA the Toronto Maple Leafs need to sign before next season is revealed

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July 11, 2024  (8:54)

Detroit Red Wings forward Daniel Sprong
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As Brad Treliving continues to weigh his options, analysts have named Detroit Red Wings' Daniel Sprong the last UFA the Toronto Maple Leafs need to sign before next season.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have needed a serious change for a while, and Brad Treliving is taking this offseason to adjust players outside the core. However, after losing Tyler Bertuzzi to the Chicago Blackhawks, his work on getting another goal-scorer is not quite finished.

Tyler Bertuzzi has signed a four-year deal with the @NHLBlackhawks! #NHLFreeAgency"

Yet, there is still time and a pool of free agents Treliving can pick up for Toronto. Fans have shared the list of the top 16 UFAs left on the market by production, and outside the recently retired Joe Pavelski, Daniel Sprong of the Detroit Red Wings took the top spot.
"Through the first week of July, almost every "big" UFA is now signed. Pretty crazy there are no 'hold outs' so to speak, even though it's just week 2.

Here are the remaining UFAs sorted by our highest contract projection on @EvolvingHockey. A few of these won't be signing."

Daniel Sprong has had an atypical career in the NHL compared to those with a similar shot. He has maintained 3rd and 4th line ice times, yet even in this past season in Detroit, he recorded 18 goals and 25 assists in 76 games. Naturally, fans have had their eye on him for a high-return contract.
"Hey #NHLBruins Daniel Sprong is still just sitting out there after having a 18-25-43 in 76G season on Detroit's 3rd line. That was after a 21-25-46 in 66G season with Seattle. If you don't trust the kids this is a guy you go grab for like $1.5M and watch him score 20 goals."

Though Daniel Sprong has other options in free agency, he might be the right pick for Toronto. Hopefully, Treliving considers the player, otherwise he could regret another unsuccessful season.
Source: Maple Leafs Daily
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The last UFA the Toronto Maple Leafs need to sign before next season is revealed

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