Fifth overall pick Cutter Gauthier is getting cancelled

Graham Montgomery
July 10, 2024  (10:18 PM)

Former Philadelphia Flyers prospect Cutter Gauthier practicing with the team
Photo credit: Philadelphia Flyers

One of the newest Anaheim Ducks is on the verge of being cancelled today after he made a questionable comment about his favorite Starbucks order.

That player is none other than Cutter Gauthier, whom the team acquired mid-season from the Philadelphia Flyers. The former 5th overall pick would go on to finish his season with Boston College of the NCAA before making his NHL debut.
He played in a single game at the end of the season, but recorded an assist in a 4-1 victory over the Golden Knights for his first career point.
Not only did Cutter Gauthier make his debut last night for the Anaheim Ducks but he also scored his first NHL point.

Today, the Ducks made a post to X, featuring Gauthier as he answered some basic questions in an effort to let the fans get to know him a little better. Among the questions answered were his favorite pre-game meal, off day activity, and go-to Starbucks order.
A simple pregame meal but a tricky Starbucks order.

Get to know our guy Cutter!

His answer to the Starbucks question is what has gotten everyone's attention. He answered candidly, saying that he loves a caramel macchiato, but they way he said it has many fans questioning his character. He came across as misogynistic when he said, "Oh I'm a chick when it comes to that kind of stuff." One former Starbucks employee called him out for it.
as a former starbucks barista i'm here to tell you that the most popular drink ordered by guys is in fact the caramel macchiato, miss me with that «chick» order like..

Furthermore, fans also questioned why the Ducks would say he has a "tricky" Starbucks order, when it was literally just a regular menu item.
«tricky starbucks order» and it's a menu item with no adjustments

There is a good chance Gauthier did not mean any harm by this comment. In fact, he probably meant it as a way to poke fun at himself. It is often a sign of good character when someone can make fun of themselves.
However, in this case it sounds like he is insulting women's coffee preferences in doing so. That's probably not what he intended, but many fans are certainly interpreting it that way.
Source: HouseofHockey
Cutter Gauthier faces backlash for misogynistic remarks
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Fifth overall pick Cutter Gauthier is getting cancelled

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