Story leaks of Tarasenko and Berube getting into it on the bench

James Connelly
May 26, 2024  (7:21 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube on the right and Mitch Marner on the left
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A story has emerged showing how Craig Berube has tamed star players in the past giving encouraging anecdotes to Maple Leafs fans about how good of a coach he is.

Craig Berube is one of the most respected figures in all of the NHL having been a feared fighter when he was playing and being a fantastic coach when he made the NHL leading the St. Louis Blues to the Stanley Cup.
When he took over for the Blues in 2019, some of their players, namely Vladimir Tarasenko, did not realize how respected of a figure he is and how tough of a man he is.
A story recently surfaced sharing how Berube was able to tame Vladimir Tarasenko based purely on his reputation.
Did I tell you on this podcast what, um, I think was Alex Steen one day to Vladimir Teresenko? It wasn't too long after [Craig Berube] took over as head coach. Um, [Tarasenko] kind of got in a F-you match with him.

And [Steen] looked at [Tarasenko], in between periods as taping a stick. And he's like, you know who [Craig Berube], uh, is, right? And Vlad, he's, you know. You know, he's all pissed off. And I'm like. I'm like, Vlad, let's take a moment and look at some of [Berube's] video. Yeah, yeah. And then just kick your s*** right out of it. Just figure out who, like we have now behind the bench, who the bench boss is and what he.

Who he is, how much respect he has from the ref, the other coach, the players who know who he is. Like, he's a guy that played hard. He played over a thousand games I don't know how many fights. 300-plus fights. I mean, the guy's a legend. He played the right way. Good Alberta boy. Um, and tough and hilarious. And I think he's done a great job on TNT when he was there, but he deserves to be behind the bench of a great team.

And I think the Maple Leafs are very lucky to have him. It's great hiring.

With the Maple Leafs having star players like Mitch Marner (if not traded) and William Nylander, Berube will likely be able to keep them in check ensuring they play the right style of hockey.
With stories like this, it truly seems like Berube is the perfect fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs moving forward.
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Story leaks of Tarasenko and Berube getting into it on the bench

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