Sportsnet's Kelly Hrudey and Kevin Bieksa Call Out the NHL after Terrible Call

Dawson Mckenzie
January 28, 2024  (10:39)

Kelley Hrudey and Kevin Bieksa during a panel for Sportsnet.
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After a terrible call in the Leafs Versus Jets game last night, Sportsnet's Kelly Hrudy and Kevin Bieksa didn't hold back in calling out the NHL.

Tyler Bertuzzi Has Goal Taken Away By NHL Review

NHL officiating is always under the gun, but this year it seems like they are being criticized even more for missed calls. Last night's Toronto Maple Leaf game versus the Winnipeg Jets was no different. During the game, Tyler Bertuzzi was able to knock in a rebound for his first goal in a handful of games, however, it was reversed due to goaltender interference by William Nylander.
The debate centers around Nylander being pushed into Connor Hellebuyck by Jets defenceman Dylan DeMelo. Take a look and see if you think.
The Leafs just had this goal waived off for goalie interference.

Right call? 🧐

It looks pretty clear that Nylander was pushed not once, but twice by DeMelo, causing the interference with Hellebuyck. However, after a coach's challenge, it was determined that the call on the ice for goaltender interference would stand.

Kelly Rhudey and Kevin Bieksa Call Out NHL For Goal Taken Away

Sportsnet's Kelly Rhudey and Kevin Bieksa didn't hold back during intermission in their thoughts on the play, saying that they believed that this was the wrong call. Here's what they had to say.
"It's the wrong call in my opinion," said Hrudey matter of factly. "I thought that DeMelo clearly pushed Nylander into Hellebuyck and so I think this is a goal that should count. I'm kind of surprised in fact."

"Clearly he was pushed after and that's where the contact originated... I'm confused about this as well Kel," said Bieksa in response to the rant from his co-host."I was confident there for Toronto," said Bieksa. "I thought it would be reversed."

What's interesting here is that Rhudey was a former goaltender, so even in his bias toward goalies in the NHL, he believed that this was the wrong call.
This COUNTED btw

What do you think?
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Kevin Bieksa and Kelly Hrudey call out the NHL's officiating.
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Sportsnet's Kelly Hrudey and Kevin Bieksa Call Out the NHL after Terrible Call

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