Ryan Reaves makes a promise to Leafs fans ahead of Game 5 vs Bruins

Tyler Ball
April 30, 2024  (12:06)

Toronto Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves skating in a home game against the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL.
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Recently Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan Reaves spoke to the media ahead of Game 5 against the Boston Bruins. During his remarks, he addressed the state of the team and even the argument between his teammates on the bench during Game 4.

Ryan Reaves has always been known for speaking his mind in every team he played for. Heading into Game 5 of the first round this provides a fresh perspective compared to what Maple Leafs fans are used to. He first spoke about the team's mentality and psyche heading into the game.
«Not a single guy is ready to pack his bags and go home,» Reaves said. «Summer is not around the corner for us. Everyone believes we can come back. I certainly do. We've won three in a row this season before, so it's not something we can't do.»

While Ryan Reaves does still have full belief in his squad he admits something does need to change. He feels there needs to be more desperation in the Maple Leafs play in what is now an elimination game.
«You've got to adjust, and you've got to play desperate,» Reaves said. «You definitely can't go into the game nervous. If you go into the game nervous, you already lost.»

Finally he spoke about the altercation that took place between Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and William Nylander on the bench during Game 4.
«It shows a little emotion, a little passion, shows that you care,» Reaves said. «It's one thing if it's trickling into the locker room, if it's carrying over shift after shift. But that's not the case. You talk about it. You move on.

Despite the fighting between teammates, Ryan Reaves feels there is no cause for concern. He feels the team is as connected as ever and the guys are still all on the same page.
«It happens and it's not because a couple of those guys don't like each other or that there's cracks in the room. It's just trying to get better. Sometimes it's frustrating when things aren't going your way. So when you talk, sometimes frustration comes out. But you're going back on the ice and battling for each other.»

For the sake of the Toronto Maple Leafs season, they need Ryan Reaves to be right about the state of the locker room and mental state of the team. With Auston Matthews questionable for tonight's game every player needs to be locked in to do whatever is needed to keep the series going.
Source: Toronto Star - Ryan Reaves is confident the Maple Leafs can come back against the Bruins: ‘Summer is not around the corner for us'
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Ryan Reaves makes a promise to Leafs fans ahead of Game 5 vs Bruins

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