One Important Detail Of The Toronto Maple Leafs' Negotiation With William Nylander Revealed

Tyler Ball
November 18, 2023  (4:32 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs were in the news all summer for the impending free agency of forwards Auston Matthews and William Nylander.

With Matthews signed many expected chatter on Nylander's situation to pick up but it hasn't until today.

New Details Revealed About Nylander Negotiations

Before the season began William Nylander spoke with the media and said he would not be talking about his contract situation.
He also said things would be kept in house and there would not be much information on the negotiations. This has held true to form so far with little being leaked.

Today NHL insider Pierre LeBrun provided an update on why there haven't been updates to provide lately.
"The thing about it is that it's been quiet by design. Both sides made a pact before the season started. They did not want any leaks whatsoever. Both sides want to be tight-lipped and that's exactly the way it's played out so far. And the reality is, if this thing had gone off the rails in terms of contract talks, you probably would be hearing more because you'd get some message sending from one side or the other.

As of now things sound to be on track with negotiations and both sides are content with the privacy. LeBrun would continue on to give a bit of an update on the progress made between the two sides since the season started.

Salary Cap Looms Large In Nylander Negotiation

Pierre LeBrun continued his comments with confirmation that the two sides are still in contact. Nylander's spectacular play has complicated the negotiations a bit especially with the Maple Leafs cap situation.
The reality is, the dialogue is ongoing. My understanding is both sides keep going back and forth. They hope to get something done between now and July 1st, but it's a difficult contract to get done. William Nylander has been spectacular, his salary leverage keeps going up, but the Leafs, also, keep dealing with the salary cap." - LeBrun on the Nylander extension situation

Many teams in the past have been able to manipulate the salary cap to fit a lot of large contracts under the cap.
If the Maple Leafs truly believe Nylander will keep up the production they have to find a way to keep him.
As the trade deadline approaches over the next few months things will truly reach a decision point and some urgency will be needed.
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One detail of the ongoing Nylander/Leafs negotiations revealed
One Important Detail Of The Toronto Maple Leafs' Negotiation With William Nylander Revealed

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