Maple Leafs reportedly nearing significant overhaul in front office

Evan Doerfler
May 15, 2023  (11:55)

After lifting the weight off of their shoulders and breaking a nineteen-year playoff series victory drought just a couple of weeks ago, Leafs nation and all of Toronto have touched back down to earth after being eliminated by the Florida Panthers in five games on Friday.

Despite "breaking the curse" in round one, similar issues arose for the Leafs in a troubling series against the Panthers in round two.
For starters, the Leafs ended the season on a seven-game streak of scoring just two goals, Auston Matthews and John Tavares failed to tally a single goal, and the Core 4 of the Maple Leafs didn't show up to play until their backs were up against the wall in a must-win game four.
With the Leafs now officially in off-season mode, all chaos has broken loose. Rumours in Toronto have already begun to swirl, not even twenty-four hours after the loss had occurred.
As Leafs Nation is troubled with yet another disappointing playoff run from the boys in blue and white, the time is quickly running out for the front office and coaching staff.
Head coach Sheldon Keefe has been disregarded by most this postseason with many stating he's been outcoached in both series, especially in round two when his team was the heavy favourite from the jump.
General manager Kyle Dubas is on an expiring contract and set to hit the open market shortly with a well-earned extension looming in the shadows. Lastly, Brendan Shanahan, the Leafs President, is responsible for the lack of success as well, winning just one playoff series since his entrance in the 2014-15 season.

Shanahan and Dubas Out Very Soon

In a piece written by Howard Berger, he stated that we shouldn't be shocked if the Leafs "fire Brendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas very soon".
This is not a confirmation of the firing and shouldn't be taken all that seriously just yet. It is expected that there will be both on-ice and off-ice changes coming to the organization found within the foundation of the Core 4 and the front office.
With the lack of playoff success and monumental progress found over the last seven years of the "Shanaplan", and the last four under Keefe, it may be time for a new look of scenery within the organization both on and off the ice.
As Shanahan still has term on his contract, it would certainly be a surprise and moving on from Dubas, the general manager who consistently maneuvers the salary cap in unthinkable ways, would be even more surprising.
As the dust has yet to settle, everything remains up in the air but MLSE certainly has some decisions to make ahead of the 2023-24 NHL season.
Credit Maple Leafs Daily:
Leafs reportedly close to making drastic changes within their front office
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Maple Leafs reportedly nearing significant overhaul in front office

Will Kyle Dubas and Brendan Shanahan still be apart of the Maple Leafs in the 2023-24 NHL season?

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