Insider reveals the game plan for each Samsonov, Woll and Jones

Tom Banks
August 10, 2023  (7:34 PM)

The Maple Leafs signing of Martin Jones yesterday was a wise one for a team that's struggled in net in recent years, but now, questions remain over the potential rotation for 2023-24.

Clearly defined roles

That's a question that TSN analyst Dave Poulin has now taken a shot at answering, revealing that this move for Jones was simple depth and insurance behind two relatively young names.
Well, it's an insurance policy. I don't know that they've changed it a lot for Joseph Woll, because Joseph Woll needs waivers now, guys, to be sent down to the Marlies and so I don't think they risk that. If I were a team and Joseph Woll was put on waivers, I would jump on that in a second.

At 33-years old, Jones can't be the full-time starter, but as a depth or insurance piece that can play when injuries or major struggles arise, it's a brilliant signing by Toronto.

Good experience

Beyond that, Poulin pointed out that this is a team with 0 experienced depth in their organization, as none of the goalies with the Marlies have extensive NHL experience, so Jones will bring that added depth as well.
Jones will be well north of 400 games. He had a great year last year, but he had a great year up to early February and then the numbers turned off... He's 33, he brings you stability. There was no experience in the pipeline and if you looked at the 4 goalies who are listed on the Marlies roster, there's zero experience. That's what you did here - you brought in experience.

Ultimately, Leafs fans should not be worried about making Joseph Woll pass through waivers, as he is here to stay on the NHL roster, but if struggles arise, this will allow Jones to step in and lead the team.
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TSN analyst reveals what the plan is for Ilya Samsonov, Joseph Woll and Martin Jones in Toronto
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Insider reveals the game plan for each Samsonov, Woll and Jones

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