Insider confirms Maple Leafs entertaining trade offers for Mitch Marner

Graham Montgomery
June 12, 2024  (9:54)

Toronto Maple Leafs star winger Mitch Marner
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TSN reporter and NHL insider Chris Johnston gave us an update on Mitch Marner's status with the Maple Leafs today.

Mitch Marner has arguably been the focal point of the Leafs offseason so far. While the team has made some important changes, including replacing head coach Sheldon Keefe with Craig Berube, all eyes are still on Marner. Many expect the team to move him this summer after another first-round exit in the playoffs.

Maple Leafs to break up the core-four?

It has long been suspected that the team will look to break up the core-four at some point, and this seems like their most ideal opportunity to do so. However, Chris Johnston reported today that he believes the Leafs have not yet received an offer that is serious, and as such they intend to keep him, at least for now.
"I think the Leafs are very mindful about turning this into some sort of war. At the end of the day, Mitch Marner controls the situation. He has a full no-movement clause, he's one year out for UFA, he's still a player that has had multiple 90+ point seasons. As much as the Leafs might end up guiding this in a certain direction, he's got the hammer.

I'm sure the Leafs have already taken calls on him in terms of feeling out what the Leafs might want if they ever thought to trade him. You have those exploratory conversations and if they think there's something that makes sense for the team that's when they engage with Marner's camp to see if he would consider waiving his no move. I don't get any sense there is friction there or that they are leaning heavily on him. We'll see if there is even a trade that makes any sense. At this point I don't think that is the case and at this point I don't think they've had to approach Marner's camp about that."

Maple Leafs don't intend to talk to Mitch Marner about potential trade

This does line up with what others have been saying about Marner recently. Leafs reporter Steve Simmons recently revealed that the Leafs do not intend to even talk to Marner about a potential trade unless they already have something lined up.
"The Leafs are open to trading Mitch Marner and other NHL teams are aware of this. Marner won't be involved until the Leafs get an offer that meets their requirements."

This strategy does seem like it would make the most sense for the Leafs. After all, asking a player of Mitch Marner's caliber to waive their no-trade clause is always going to be hard. The team might as well wait until they are happy with the return before going to Marner about it. However, if Marner rejects the deal, that could cause further problems for the Leafs.
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Leafs confirmed to be taking calls on Mitch Marner
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Insider confirms Maple Leafs entertaining trade offers for Mitch Marner

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