Incredible Story About How a Leafs' Draft Pick Almost Passed Away

Wade Messier
June 30, 2023  (10:41)

The NHL Entry Draft has come and passed and fans of each team are starting to evaluate their favorite team's new crop of prospects.

The Toronto Maple Leafs didn't have a ton of draft picks this year, but they made the picks they did have count.

Leafs Prospect Shares Incredible Story

Hudson Malinoski was the Leafs' selection this year at 153rd overall, and while the player is exciting, the story is incredible.
Malinoski suffered an incredibly scary episode a few years back, which saw him fall off of the roof of his house.
The incident left him seriously injured and could've ended with Malinoski suffering a stroke, had action not been taken.
"The surgery they had done on me hadn't been done before. It made me able to play hockey again, so I was happy they were able to do that. Being at the hospital, I questioned if I'd ever play hockey again, but the doctors were super good and they made it sound like I'd be able to get back to the sport I love." - Malinoski on the procedure that allowed him to pursue his dream

The surgery that Malinoski underwent was considered experimental at the time, and the risks surrounding it were immense.

Malinoski's Mother Chimes In

While Malinoski was happy to share his side, his mother felt like he underplayed it a bit. She added the following:
"Going to emerg that night, they said he had a concussion and sent us on our way, also not knowing he had fallen from the roof. From there, he progressively got worse every day. Still puking, not being able to move his neck, not eating, dizzy, and just really sick. As a parent, you know something was wrong so we took him to emerg two times within the week and they sent us home both times as they didn't want to do a CT (scan) as the radiation isn't great for kids."

Malinoski is incredibly lucky to be alive, and the fact that he's been able to continue playing hockey is a miracle.
He's committed to Providence College for next season, and he's now an NHL draft pick.
Congrats Hudson!
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Forget his hockey career, Leafs draft pick is lucky to be alive
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Incredible Story About How a Leafs' Draft Pick Almost Passed Away

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