Former Leafs enforcer criticizes the team for not sticking up for Timothy Liljegren

Tom Banks
November 3, 2023  (3:07 PM)

The Leafs lost their third game in a row on Thursday night against the red-hot Boston Bruins, but coming out of the game, that's not the major talking point.

A major incident

Instead, people are talking about the dirty play of Brad Marchand, in which he illegally took down defenseman Timothy Liljegren with his stick, causing a major injury to the young Maple Leaf.
After this happened, fans were irate, with no penalty being called on the play, with most expecting someone on the team to stand up for Liljegren and get revenge on Boston.

Ex-Leaf calls out the team

Unfortunately, that didn't happen, as nothing beyond a few words were exchanged, and this made former Leafs enforcer Jay Rosehill furious.
"The Maple Leafs sure seemed to have missed it but I can't stand that video... Not only does [Marchand] do that but he should be getting mauled by a team and he should be getting accosted by the entire Maple Leafs roster but instead he's going by their bench... look at them all, look at their captain looking at his feet... He's chirping them up, they should be all standing on their feet, kicking the boards, looking at Keefe going 'who's next, who's next, who's next, who's line, who's up?' wanting to bite that guy's head off.

They're all sitting there like there's a delay of game or the kid is shoveling the ice or something and they're up 5 goals. They should be chomping at the bit to kill that guy because of what he just did to your teammate. You are a team. You ever see a team win a Stanley Cup together and how tight they are, that bond and brotherhood they have?... Does this team give a shit about each other? They do not show that they do, they do not show that they care. They are a whole group of individuals who are good at hockey. That's great, but together, they're garbage.

They lose in the playoffs every single year, they always do. We wonder why is it happening, and let's just do the same thing this year and see if anything changes. Until they play for each other and giving a shit about the jersey that they're wearing that goes back to World War I, something that means a lot to a lot of people, apparently not a lot to the guys wearing it right now because that's sickening watching a guy snap his leg in half and then the guy, the perpetrator, the dirtiest rat in the league that everyone hates to play against, comes over and says whatever he says to the bench and everyone just looks at their god damn skates.

It starts with the leadership, it starts with Tavares, it starts with the big boys, you've been around long enough, John, to not handle that bullshit the way you did. Step up and do something man. Where's Domi? Where's Bertuzzi? Those are the guys that can go after Marchand. I hate seeing that with a team I care about, it's embarrassing."

Rosehill's passion for this team comes through in this statement, and it's hard to argue with him, as Marchand is already hated around the league, and following this the team should have sent several players after him, and until they stand up for their teammates and prove they can get physical, the criticism of this team being 'soft' will always be there.
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Former Leafs enforcer rips the team to shreds after failing to stick up for Timothy Liljegren in Boston
Former Leafs enforcer criticizes the team for not sticking up for Timothy Liljegren

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