Former Toronto Maple Leaf forward Wayne Simmonds celebrating scoring a goal with his teammates.
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Wayne Simmonds Fires Back At Reporter For Incorrect Retirement News

Published January 26, 2024 at 8:39 PM

A report came out earlier today that indicated that Wayne Simmonds was retiring from the NHL. The reporter used a private conversation he had with Simmonds to announce the news. Now Simmonds has responded to these reports.

Reporter Indicates Simmonds Is Retiring From The NHL

Today a reporter by the name of Joshua Clipperton quoted a conversation that he and Wayne Simmonds had for a story.

During the conversation, Clipperton asked Simmonds about a return to the NHL. Simmonds replied by saying he hadn't announced it yet but he was done with hockey. Clipperton took this quote and put it out on X and essentially announced Simmonds' retirement for him.

Spoke to Wayne Simmonds for an upcoming HDA story.

Without a contract this season, I asked about his playing future:

"I haven't officially announced my retirement, but I'm done. I had a great career. It was the best time I've ever had in my life. Right now, it's family time."

Of course as news like this generally does it became widespread hockey news. As a result, the announcement made its way back to Wayne Simmonds who then commented on the situation himself.

Simmonds Fires Back At Reporter For Incorrect News

Within two hours of the announcement by Clipperton of Simmonds' retirement Simmonds saw the post. Simmonds then decided to reply and clarify that the report was incorrect and he was not yet retired.

Did not announce my retirement !!!

This type of mix-up has been seen before in other sports. Recently well known NFL player Jason Kelce had sources leak he was retiring. He also had to respond and say he did not announce his retirement.

As for Simmonds while he is not retired the time is likely coming soon. Hopefully we as fans can see Simmonds suit up one more time for an NHL team and get a proper send-off and announce the end of his great career on his own terms.

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Wayne Simmonds Fires Back At Reporter For Incorrect Retirement News

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