The Florida Panthers Have Raised Serious Allegations of Collusion Against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the League After Last Night's Loss

Dawson Mckenzie
November 29, 2023  (2:17 PM)

Last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs won in a shootout against the Florida Panthers in one of the most unique sequences of events in the NHL.

Refs Overturn Game Winning Shootout Goal As It Was Determined to be Double Tapped

During the shootout last night, the Florida Panthers thought they had secured a victory after Evan Rodrigues appeared to have slid one past Joseph Woll's pad and into the net. Both teams assumed that the game was over, and many immediately headed to the dressing room.
The goal, however, was later reviewed and determined to be touched after it hig Woll's pad by Rodrigues before being put into the net. The goal was overturned, and players, including Woll, had to quickly return to the ice.
Double tapped? Good goal?

What are your thoughts on Evan Rodrigues' shootout goal being disallowed? 🧐

Just to clear things up 😅

Florida Players and Coach Not Happy With the Call and Blamed The Refs and Toronto

Of course, after Noah Gregor immediately roofed the next shootout attempt and Dyland Couzins missed, the Panthers players and coaches were audibly upset with the turn of events. They could be heard levelling some accusations against Toronto and the war room.
Was standing by the Panthers room when they all came off jubilantly to rock music, they went back out confused, most of them not in time to see Gregor score. Came off again cursing ‘Toronto' i.e. the War Room.

Leafs WIN in the shootout. And the Panthers were giving it to the refs

«Only in Toronto!»

One of the Panthers making their way to the bench after already being in the dressing room.

Head Coach Paul Maurice led the charge in the bashing of the Officials, as you can see in this clip after Gregor Scored and Couzins missed. The bashing continued after the game during Maurice's interview.
Paul Maurice to the ref «is that one good? F*ck off»

Paul Maurice when asked about the shootout controversy «It's important that they have rules*jokingly* ahhhh F*ck» 😂

While this was obviously the right call, as seen in the slow-motion replay, it is clear that the Panthers are upset with how everything went down, and they believe the refs should have had it right from the jump instead of thinking it was a goal right away.
As seen on Maple Leafs Daily - "Florida Panthers accuse Leafs, league of collusion after last night's controversial decision in Toronto"
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The Florida Panthers Have Raised Serious Allegations of Collusion Against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the League After Last Night's Loss

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